Friday, April 3, 2009

I Needed a Break

When I woke this morning, I felt like I had been hit by train (both physically and emotionally). I haven't been sleeping well last few nights due to waking up every couple hours.

Working full-time this week has been great because it keeps me busy and I get out of the house. It has also been harder on me physically than I would like to admit. Although I do my best to keep my foot elevated at work, it still becomes swollen and uncomfortable. When I come home, I do keep my "toes above my nose" but I think after 4 days, the pain and swelling just became too much to reduce overnight.

So, I decided that I needed a break for my foot and for myself. Honestly, I felt bad about abandoning work that needed to be done but I am in the process of learning that taking care of myself is just as important as caring for others. But I will say that I enjoyed my day.

I took 2 naps and slept for an additional 5 hours. The foot is still sore but I think the swelling has gone down. Tomorrow is Saturday, so I will have another day to rest. Hopefully, the foot will continue to heal in the coming days and weeks and my regular schedule will become less taxing.

Thanks for reading and God bless,


1 comment:

  1. It's good that you are beginning to recognize that you need to care for yourself.

    And I love your definition of "do my best" in regards to keeping that foot elevated... Just sayin...