Friday, April 17, 2009

The Pins are Out!

The pins that were sticking out of my foot are gone!!!! Yay!

Today was the second official check-up with the foot doctor. Many thanks to Camika for spending part of her day off chauffeuring me to and from appointments!! I was able to look at x-rays of my foot before the pins were removed. To be honest, it looked more like X-Men than the Bionic Woman. I really had no idea how much metal had been residing in my foot for the last 6 weeks.

I cannot report on the removal of the pins because I took off my glasses and closed my eyes for the entire process. A bystander reported that I did very well and was "amazing." It was so nice to receive such support from a stranger.

Overall, the doctor is pleased with my progress. I think that the foot looks pretty hideous (especially around the skin grafts) but I do think that toes are beautifully straight! The doctor placed me in a walking cast with a cast shoe. I haven't actually walked on it yet but I have tried to put some weight on it. The next visit will be in four weeks and will include a new walking boot. After that a brace will be made so I can begin wearing shoes again.

I am still a little disappointed with my progress, although I am right on track with the doctor's original plan. I know that I am hard on myself and have unusually high expectations. I do my best to take each day as it comes and celebrate little victories. Please continue to pray for me to improve my patience and accept life as it is.

Thank you for reading and God bless,


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