Sunday, March 15, 2009

Bad Night, Bad Day

Just a quick update on my bad night. As I wrote, I had some pain and swelling after my shopping adventure. This morning, I took things nice and easy, just laying around and playing on the computer. Kevin came over after church and hung out for a while. Later, Court and Wyl came by for a visit.

While I was talking to Wyl, Court starting looking at my toes. He stated, "Now, Devin, I don't want to upset you but your toes are black." How do you not get upset when someone tells you that your toes are black? After several cell phone pictures and a call to the on-call doctor, Court, Wyl and I were off to the Barnes Jewish Emergency Room.

The bottom line is that the skin around the pins in my toes is dying. Fortunately, there are no vascular or circulation issues. The doctor advised that I continue to keep my foot elevated and call to schedule an appointment with my doctor tomorrow. This little setback may keep me from work for another day or two but I think it is important to stay safe and healthy.

Thank you for reading and God bless,


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