Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Black Toe Update

Well, my toes are still black. As you know, I went to the emergency room on Sunday. The doctor there stated that he believed the skin around the pins was dying.

Yesterday, I went to see one of the doctors that assisted with my surgery. (My surgeon is out of town this week, of course). After removing my cast, he carefully examined my toes. I learned that all 4 toes (not the big toe) has some blackness around the side and pads. The area around the toenails is not affected. He thinks the problem has to do with the fact that my toes were so clawed. When the surgeon straighten them out, the veins did not react well. There is no problem with circulation, so my toes will not be falling off.

Unfortunately, the doctor would not remove the stitches, but I did get a beautiful new blue cast. I will see the surgeon on Monday, March 23. The other bad news was that I am officially grounded. My plan to go back to work tomorrow has been thwarted. I am to keep my foot elevated at all times. This means no shopping, no work, no church. I am pretty upset by this because I have been looking forward to returning to a regular schedule. But on the good side, I will have at least 3 more days of Dr. Phil, People's Court and Judge Judy!!

Thank you for reading and God bless,



  1. Glad that it wasn't anything really, really bad.

    You're not really missing much at work - it's been kinda quiet without you.

  2. I can make a smaller toe warmer for your new cast if you'd like! :)