Friday, March 6, 2009

The Bionic RevDev!

Thank you for your continued prayers. I am now feeling more alert and lucid (at least for the moment). I am going to take a chance to begin to explain and my foot surgery and a little bit of what it means.

Over the last 37 years, Charcot-Marie-Tooth has caused my foot to look more like a bird's claw than a human foot. The toes were contracted to the point that they did not touch the floor. When I walked, my ankle would turn so that I was walking on the outside of my foot. Add to that high arches and weak ankles, you can begin to get the picture. Kristy described my foot as walking on a balled up fist. My foot size went from about 10 to a 7 1/2.

My two-sized feet!

Claw foot

On Tuesday, March 3, I had a 6-hour surgery to reverse deformities in my right foot caused by CMT. Among the procedures done were tendon transfers on all the toes (to straighten them out and give them more strength), removing some bone, add some plates and pins and release some muscles. Going in to this surgery, I joked that I was becoming the Bionic Woman. Little did I know that I would really become a little bionic. When the doctor got into my foot, he realized that because the skin around my toes was so tight, that he would have to use 2 half-dollar sized synthetic skin grafts. I am amazed at the medical technology and knowledge that is now available.

Now, as I sit on my couch, at the beginning of the healing process, I have been forced to face my mobility issues head on. Right now, I am dealing with the frustration that I am not able to get around as well I think I should at this point. My goal at this point is to allow myself to be safe and heal. I am working hard at not pushing myself to hard and to try to do things that I cannot.

I have a picture that Kev took of my foot that I would be happy to send you if anyone is interested. Also, a huge thank you to Penny Karma for the beautiful toe cozy.

Thanks for reading and God bless,



  1. Oh my GOD... You should warn the squeamish. Ask Kevin why I'll never eat Angel Hair Pasta again.

  2. I lost MAJOR brownie points with the Angel Hair Pasta story...PK, you sure are squeamish for a mom of 2 boys...

    Dev, I know you want to be up dancing a jig less than 3 days after having major surgery on your foot... But your body needs time to heal - I'll let the medical professionals tell you why you need to take it easy. As your friend, I'll just tell you to enjoy all of us spoiling you.

  3. So, wait - what size is your other foot, then?

  4. My left foot is a size 10, although I wear size 11 shoes because of the braces. Not sure what size my new and improved foot will be.